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Jul 10, 2019
10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own Fashion styles constantly evolve with...



10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Fashion styles constantly evolve with time. What is trendy at some point might not be so cool after a fairly short time. While this is a simple truth, there are certain items that will always remain important to women regardless of age, time, and occupation. These fashion items are known as wardrobe essentials.

While different people will consider various fashion items to be wardrobe essentials, there are certain clothing items that should always make it to your list of wardrobe essentials. Some of these items them are listed in this article.

That being said, read on to discover 10 wardrobe essentials every woman should own.

1) A White Buttoned-Up Shirt

If you want to look good effortlessly, one way to do so is by putting on a white buttoned-up shirt. You can look good by either pairing a white buttoned-up shirt with a pair of jeans or a metallic skirt. Whatever you decide to pair your white shirt with, you will look great.

2) Denim Jacket

A jeans jacket always looks good on virtually anything. It can be worn with a turtle neck or a T-shirt and leggings. You can also put on your denim jacket over a short black gown. Denim jackets are easy to wear. You do not need to be a fashionista to know what to do with a denim jacket.

3) A Black Dress

Your wardrobe as a 21st century lady is incomplete without a black dress. When buying a black dress, always select a simple silhouette and select fabrics made from silk, or lightweight wool.

4) Black Trouser

It really does not matter what style of trousers you love - slim-fitting, cropped, high-waisted or wide-legged, it is very difficult to go wrong with a pair of black trousers. You can rely on a pair of black trousers when going to a formal occasion or a job interview even when you have no idea how to dress.

5) Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is not something everyone takes notice of very easily. Nonetheless, it has always been a major part of style. You can rock a leather jacket with a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt without putting much effort into looking good.

6) Skinny Jeans

You do not need to put on a pair of jeans that is very thin. What really matters is having a pair of jeans that you can call your own. To get the best out of your jeans, you might want to consider wearing a pair of dark jeans that can be worn both during the day and at nights.

7) White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is as important as having a white buttoned-up shirt! You might not know when you may need it so always have one on hand.

8) Black Pumps

You do not have to love heels to own a pair of black pumps. However, you will definitely have a need for them at some point. You might not know when so it’s best to always have one ready.

9) A Blazer

Owning a blazer is so important because as it can be worn on various occasions and in a number of ways. You can wear it over a cute T-shirt, over a very stylish blouse, or over a black dress. Although a blazer seems perfect for office wear, it can be worn both for formal as well as informal occasions. All you need to do is to pair it right.

10) Floral-Printed Blouse

A floral printed blouse might not seem as important as a white buttoned-up shirt or a pair of black trousers but it can add a lot of spice and flare to your office wear. It can be worn both during the week or for non-formal occasions on weekend nights.



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